Why Choose Us for Virtual Private Server ?

Get ahead using cPanel / WHM.

Make the most of your hosting resources with the most used control panels in the world: cPanel and WHM. Create packages with custom features in WHM, customize projects and monitor your server. With cPanel, you manage domains, emails, FTP accounts, access audience metrics and more.

High SSD performance: up to 10x faster

High performance hardware installed for your projects. The SSD storage provides faster data access speeds and offers up to 10 times better performance than a traditional disk along with full control. With these powerful tools, you manage all the important information about web applications intuitively.

Independency and flexibility for rapidly expanding businesses

Is your business growing fast, and do you need more independence to manage your website or application? Count on best VPS service to ensure the customization and scalability you need. Root access to configure systems or applications.

24/7 available customer support - Anytime, Anywhere you need it

Count on expert support to solve your problems for your infratstructure needs whenever you need it! We are available by email or chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure your website is always up.


$ 30.00
Per month
$60.00 50% OFF

$ 90.00
$180.00 50% OFF

$ 180.00
$360.00 50% OFF

$ 360.00
Per year
$720.00 50% OFF

  • Cores 2 CPU
  • Storage 100 GB
  • RAM 6 GB
  • Bandwidth 2 TB
  • Operating System
  • Money Back Guarantee (condition apply) 30 Days
  • IP Addresses 1


$ 50.00
Per month
$100.00 50% OFF

$ 150.00
$300.00 50% OFF

$ 300.00
$600.00 50% OFF

$ 600.00
Per year
$1200.00 50% OFF

  • Cores 4 CPU
  • Storage 150 GB
  • RAM 8 GB
  • Bandwidth 3 TB
  • Operating System
  • Money Back Guarantee (condition apply) 30 Days
  • IP Addresses 1


$ 75.00
Per month
$150.00 50% OFF

$ 225.00
$450.00 50% OFF

$ 450.00
$900.00 50% OFF

$ 900.00
Per year
$1800.00 50% OFF

  • Cores 6 CPU
  • Storage 300 GB
  • RAM 16 GB
  • Bandwidth 5 TB
  • Operating System
  • Money Back Guarantee (condition apply) 30 Days
  • IP Addresses 1


$ 100.00
Per month
$200.00 50% OFF

$ 300.00
$600.00 50% OFF

$ 600.00
$1200.00 50% OFF

$ 1200.00
Per year
$2400.00 50% OFF

  • Cores 8 CPU
  • Storage 400 GB
  • RAM 32 GB
  • Bandwidth 6 TB
  • Operating System
  • Money Back Guarantee (condition apply) 30 Days
  • IP Addresses 1

cheap vps


Try GoLaunchE for 30 days entirely risk-free! You are absolutely secure with our 30days Risk-Free program. Our Risk-Free Trials enable you to inspect entire services. In case, somehow you want to cancel your subscription or account within the 30-days trial period you will get an instant refund, for sure.

Additional Features

linux virtual private server hosting

KVM virtualization technology

The use of KVM on our top VPS servers allows us to optimize resources and ensure virtual hosting environment independent of each other, offering high performance for your website.

Private server windows

Maximum speed with SSD

Your website data is stored on SSD drives up to 10x faster than traditional drives, meaning more performance for your website and applications.

Virtual server provider

Unlimited email accounts

Unlimited email hosting accounts and webmail access through Horde or RoundCube platforms. In all best cheap VPS server plans, you can send up to 10,000 emails per hour.

cheap virtual private server

Security and SSL (Let's Encrypt)

Host your website in a private and secure environment with centralized protection against DDoS (denial of service attacks), 24/7 monitoring and Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate.

Private servesr price

State-of-the-art data centers

State-of-the-art data center located in United States with backup power generators, HVAC cooling, redundant networks, GB uplink (guaranteed 20-Mbit connection) and max bandwidth providers.

virtual private server

High level of customization

Install and run all the applications you want, customize your DNS based on your domain and manage your hosting using the cPanel / WHM control panel.

What Our Customers Have To Say?

My website speed was very slow due to which I was losing my organic traffic and so does my sales chart was getting low. By using GoLaunche WordPress, hosting my site speed improved a lot and so does my sales. An extra star is for their friendly support team.
My friend recommended me GoLaunche for my online e-commerce store. I was a bit nervous at first, but I'll admit their service never disappointed me. Using their e-commerce hosting from 1 year and will definitely renew it after expiration.
Plesk hosting was the need of my business but I was not able to find any reliable company that meets my requirements. I emailed GoLaunche administration and they quickly arranged my meeting and provided me a very flexible package.
Starting a small business with little knowledge of computers or tech is a toilsome task. GoLaucnhe hosting describes everything simply and never required me to do anything on my own. Until now, if I’m not able to solve any problem their team does it in minutes. Totally recommend them.
I was a reseller in fashion industry from past years. I decided to open my own store but I didn’t have a single clue how to start it. GoLaunche team explained to me every single thing in detail and I easily understood my needs and requirements and how to manage them. I’m active member for 3 years.
I’m an active user of cPanel hosting since 2016. Their service was reliable so I transferred my domain name and email hosting as well with GoLaunche. Their prices are flexible so I’m considering buying collocation hosting from there as their RAMs and server got good speed.
Initially, I just bought a domain and its necessary certificates from GoLaunche. Years later, I started my own blog. I never got disappointed by their services. Incase if I ever stuck at any point or not able to solve my problem their team does it so easy for me.
Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Private Server is a system that hosts websites and applications through virtualization - a technique used to create virtual private environments from a Hardware. This individual and independent environment allow the administrator to customize it according to his needs and have dedicated resources such as processing, traffic, disk space, dedicated IP and RAM, etc. This virtual server hosting provider simply uses physical storage in your rented physical hardware to benefit from lower power drainage with maximum website performance. That is also your answer to the what is VPS for?
These are created by installing the best hypervisor software to run virtual machines. While website hosting plans work in shared environments, VPS SSD server is located in independent environments and is easy to customize. Furthermore, there is space reserved for exclusive use and root access, which guarantees independence when configuring and customizing the system.
Our VPS hosting plans starts from the $30 per month and goes up to $100 per month, depending on the package and plan duration you chose. Here at GoLaunche, your VPS hosting is entirely flexible. You can install systems, choose scripts, processes, software, and customize various configurations, according to your needs. If you need more resources like memory, CPU or storage, you can also request an upgrade of your plan.
Hypervisor software is install to run virtual machines.
GoLaunche's new VPS web hosting have been developed using advanced virtualization technologies. Besides having root access with full root independence to customize projects, your website gains speed and exclusively dedicated resources when hosting your website in our KVM environment. Another advantage is being able to manage your plan simply and intuitively through our control panels (cPanel / WHM), in addition to having our support, available 24 hours, every day of the year. That also answers your question 'Why is VPS so expensive?
GoLaunchE is offering best VPS web hosting with plans ideal for web professionals like developers and agencies that need to customize different projects. The solution also provides full root access with perfect tools for reselling website hosting, such as WHM, to personalize resources, such as bandwidth and disk space limits and the possibility to hire WHMCS, to automate financial and system management. Do you want to go further? Perform tests, develop new environments, create private server VPS, install a wide range of applications (automation), and perform system maintenance, file backup and much more.

Choose the best-managed Cloud Hosting experience for your business & Pay as you go!

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