Email Hosting Technical Specification

Everything in its place.

Create folders, labels and filters to organize your best email addresses and contacts. Organize and create contact lists by groups with photo, address, phone information, etc. Synchronize all accounts with any device, have inter-communication, easily manage your web hosting folders and custom domain names.

Anti-Spams and Filters

Each incoming message is scanned before it even arrives in your inbox, undergoing checks for malicious scripts and attached files containing viruses. GoLaunche web hosting has the best email anti-spam tool to ensure that every communication is done securely, safely, by avoiding email spams problems. Symantec mail security for your business emails.

Shared Calendar and Files

Use your calendar in a simple way. View your daily schedule, create appointments, meetings, and events, all integrated into your web hosting email account. Manage the sharing of documents, calendars, business email addresses, to-do lists, best emails and address lists quickly and easily.

Backup and Recovery

After deleting the emails from the Webmail trash, the server keeps these emails for another 30 days. Recover the emails easily back to the desired folder. In addition to being able to use any tool via Webmail or Desktop, it is also compatible with tablets, smartphones and other devices.

Why choose us for business email hosting services?

business email hosting

More credibility for you and your business

A personalized, hosted email to give more credibility to your business. Also, you can create your contacts business email for each area of your company. Have a professional email provider and give your contacts more integrity. Share calendars, tasks, appointments, files, email service boxes, using a simple and secure web interface. Increase security and performance when sending the email.

free email hosting

Access your hosted email on your laptop, smartphone or tablet

You can access your emails on smartphones, laptops, tablets, or any device, wherever you are. Your data will be securely stored in our Data Center. GoLaunche hosted email platform has an online backup and recovery system in case of any server problems. Our web hosting team helps the client choose the best email hosting services package and the plan that best suits small businesses and large corporations.

best email hosting for small business

Free Migration by Experts

We transfer your hosted email files, databases, and web hosting content from anywhere without complications and without leaving your site down. Our team is prepared to design and implement migrations to GoLaunche, regardless of the number of users or your environment's complexity. Schedule time with our team to work with total security, creditability and to avoid spams.

best email hosting

Receive your emails by the platform you want

You can access your business emails on the platform you prefer Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, among others. Your messages, contacts, calendar, tasks, and files will always be available, anywhere, anytime, accessed by any computer, web based or mobile apps with Internet connectivity. We have a competent team for large to the small business that seeks to respond in the best way to your requests, doubts or questions.


Limited Offer

$ 0.50
Per month
$1.00 50% OFF

$ 1.50
$3.00 50% OFF

$ 3.00
$6.00 50% OFF

$ 5.00
Per year
$10.00 50% OFF

  • No. Emails Account 15
  • SPace 10 GB
  • 1000 GB Bandwidth
  • Domain Based Email
  • Unlimited Devices
  • IMAP, POP3 & SMTP Support
  • Virus Scan & Spam Filter
  • CalDav & CardDav Support
  • Private Secure Email Servers
  • 24/7 Support


FREE Domain Included *

$ 1.00
Per month
$2.00 50% OFF

$ 3.00
$6.00 50% OFF

$ 6.00
$12.00 50% OFF

$ 10.00
Per year
$20.00 50% OFF

  • No. Emails Account 40
  • SPace 30 GB
  • unlimited Bandwidth
  • Domain Based Email
  • UnlimitedDevices
  • IMAP, POP3 & SMTP Support
  • Virus Scan & Spam Filter
  • CalDav & CardDav Support
  • Private Secure Email Servers
  • 24/7 Support


FREE Domain Included *

$ 1.50
Per month
$3.00 50% OFF

$ 4.50
$9.00 50% OFF

$ 9.00
$18.00 50% OFF

$ 15.00
Per year
$30.00 50% OFF

  • No. Emails Account 100
  • SPace 100 GB
  • unlimited Bandwidth
  • Domain Based Email
  • UnlimitedDevices
  • IMAP, POP3 & SMTP Support
  • Virus Scan & Spam Filter
  • CalDav & CardDav Support
  • Private Secure Email Servers
  • 24/7 Support

advance search

Make your life easier with quick domain name searches. With the GoLaunche website, you will find the most valueable domain names in seconds. Search by brand name, or any relatable keyword.

schedule events

Want to schedule a meeting with your team? No problem. Check their availability in seconds with our cloud storage. Schedule meetings and organize your day.

advance emails

Fast, easy to use and attractive. Manage multiple accounts and use them on your smartphones. View statics or edit the sending limits for email accounts at any time


Enjoy the flexible and transparent anti-spam filter by best email hosting providers. Set up rules and even disable if you prefer to receive everything in your inbox.

best email hosting australia

You will not miss any important meetings or appointments, as the Golaunche cloud storage scheduler allows you to schedule and track all your appointments in one place anywhere, anytime


Have auto-response, multiple filters, redirect, and more web hosting tools. Get as many emails with unlimited storage per user for all email accounts in your custom domain.


The most secure inboxes by hosting provider with anti-virus scanning of all emails. Also, have individual support via chat and email in case of any problem.

business email hosting

Access your account through Outlook or your Smartphone easily. Configure and use the type of access that best suits you with our cloud storage.

What Our Customers Have To Say?

My website speed was very slow due to which I was losing my organic traffic and so does my sales chart was getting low. By using GoLaunche WordPress, hosting my site speed improved a lot and so does my sales. An extra star is for their friendly support team.
My friend recommended me GoLaunche for my online e-commerce store. I was a bit nervous at first, but I'll admit their service never disappointed me. Using their e-commerce hosting from 1 year and will definitely renew it after expiration.
Plesk hosting was the need of my business but I was not able to find any reliable company that meets my requirements. I emailed GoLaunche administration and they quickly arranged my meeting and provided me a very flexible package.
Starting a small business with little knowledge of computers or tech is a toilsome task. GoLaucnhe hosting describes everything simply and never required me to do anything on my own. Until now, if I’m not able to solve any problem their team does it in minutes. Totally recommend them.
I was a reseller in fashion industry from past years. I decided to open my own store but I didn’t have a single clue how to start it. GoLaunche team explained to me every single thing in detail and I easily understood my needs and requirements and how to manage them. I’m active member for 3 years.
I’m an active user of cPanel hosting since 2016. Their service was reliable so I transferred my domain name and email hosting as well with GoLaunche. Their prices are flexible so I’m considering buying collocation hosting from there as their RAMs and server got good speed.
Initially, I just bought a domain and its necessary certificates from GoLaunche. Years later, I started my own blog. I never got disappointed by their services. Incase if I ever stuck at any point or not able to solve my problem their team does it so easy for me.

Professional Email Hosting Providers

unlimited email storage

Unlimited storage per user

We do not limit the capacity of mailbox storage per user, so you do not have to worry about the lack of space. No ads in emails. Contacts and calendars easily accessible on any browser or app you prefer.


Admin console and Security Solutions

Add and remove users, add security options, create groups and change passwords in a centralized control panel. Our email hosting services include spam and virus protection, trusted and blocked sender lists.

custom email hosting

Custom email

Send and receive emails quickly and take advantage of the facilities GoLaunche offers. Gain speed, security, and ease with professional email web hosting.

cheapest mailbox

Take control of your mailbox

Our powerful algorithms go beyond the anti-spam filter to recognize and classify different types of the email so that you will see the most important emails first.

unlimited webmail access

Webmail access

You can read and send business emails from our Webmail application, accessible from any web browser with an Internet connection, including a Smartphone.

hosting support

24/7 support

Contact support whenever you need it. A team will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you.

FAQS By Email Hosting Providers

GoLaunchE email hosting service starts from $0.50 per month to $15 per year. It depends on the hosted email service package you choose. Moreover, our packages come with free best email collaboration tools to especially for email marketing.
The email hosting is a type of web hosting in which your web hosting provider leases you the email servers to send and receive business emails. With email hosting service, you can choose your custom domain name, which portrays your company professionalism. Your hosted email and custom domain can be matching. Moreover, the email clients come with spam filters, security, and other web hosting collaboration tools.
Yes, you can have the hosted email service without owning any website by any email hosting providers. You can have your custom domain name from our web hosting service as well.
GoLaunche web hosting email host service offers Horde and RoundCube as the email clients. Our hosted email comes with built-in spam filters, STMP email hosting service, and IMAP/ POP3 email service. You can choose to match your email address with your custom domain and our best email hosting service.
The best email service includes features like anti-spams, multiple platforms integrations, support different email client/collaboration tools, strong privacy policy, upkeep with email marketing, integrate with multiple email addresses, and offers custom domain name options for your business email hosting.

Choose the best-managed Cloud Hosting experience for your business & Pay as you go!

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