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Domain Registration Services

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Enter a name, and our advanced engine will search the largest group of names on the web. There is no better place to find the right name for your business

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Almost thousands of customers trust us with their domains. And it is not for nothing. Since the right domain name can be responsible for your future success, don't take any chances.

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With 5 years of experience, our friendly and intelligent domain experts are 24/7 available to help you and solve your queries. Get in touch via ticket or simply call us.

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Incredible Selection within the affordable range. A better solution to your hosting needs. We will ensure that you find the right domain and have a secure online homepage.

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Cheap TLDs and renewals

Providing cheap domains is our mission! Only at Golaunche will you get cheaper domain names with a higher quality of service. Thanks to our special agreements with TLD owners, we offer you exclusively low prices on the most popular extensions. Domains at 99 cents are what set us apart, the low renewal price is our greatest strength, the website builder to your needs, and our unique tool is what you need for success.

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Premium quality web hosting and the best TLD prices, only at Golaunche. Millions trust us, and renowned companies and TLD providers recognize us. Golaunche is proud to be part of an ICANN accredited registrar community with more than 40 business units around the world. Choose a trusted hosting provider with the highest level of quality assurance and dedicated support. Golaunche helps you to buy a domain name forever that is short, catchy, and memorable. Cheap domains that best suit your business!

WHOIS privacy protection

Maintaining your privacy is our highest priority. When you buy a domain name forever with other registrars, they will list all your registration data in the WHOIS database that is publicly accessible in most cases. With Golaunche, being an ICANN accredited service provider, Avoid spam with our privacy protection service that replaces your data with generic information that keeps you protected. Get SSL certificates with our hosting services. SSL certificates provide a trustworthy image to users. Usually users are looking for something that they can rely upon with full trust. Get your cheap SSL certificate now, and improve your ranking.

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What Our Customers Have To Say?

My website speed was very slow due to which I was losing my organic traffic and so does my sales chart was getting low. By using GoLaunche WordPress, hosting my site speed improved a lot and so does my sales. An extra star is for their friendly support team.
My friend recommended me GoLaunche for my online e-commerce store. I was a bit nervous at first, but I'll admit their service never disappointed me. Using their e-commerce hosting from 1 year and will definitely renew it after expiration.
Plesk hosting was the need of my business but I was not able to find any reliable company that meets my requirements. I emailed GoLaunche administration and they quickly arranged my meeting and provided me a very flexible package.
Starting a small business with little knowledge of computers or tech is a toilsome task. GoLaucnhe hosting describes everything simply and never required me to do anything on my own. Until now, if I’m not able to solve any problem their team does it in minutes. Totally recommend them.
I was a reseller in fashion industry from past years. I decided to open my own store but I didn’t have a single clue how to start it. GoLaunche team explained to me every single thing in detail and I easily understood my needs and requirements and how to manage them. I’m active member for 3 years.
I’m an active user of cPanel hosting since 2016. Their service was reliable so I transferred my domain name and email hosting as well with GoLaunche. Their prices are flexible so I’m considering buying collocation hosting from there as their RAMs and server got good speed.
Initially, I just bought a domain and its necessary certificates from GoLaunche. Years later, I started my own blog. I never got disappointed by their services. Incase if I ever stuck at any point or not able to solve my problem their team does it so easy for me.
FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

An internet domain works as a physical address, as it is how people find your site on the Internet. That is the bar at the topmost point of an internet browser. Almost every website you visit uses a domain name. is a domain name, for example
By purchasing a web domain from an approved registrar (such as Golaunche), you ensure the right to use it for a set period. After registering a domain, the next step is to point it to the server that performs web hosting. Keep in mind that it can take up to 72 hours for any changes you make to propagate. The good news is that you can associate it with other services, such as professional email addresses. You can also create subdomains (such as and configure redirects. You can even purchase multiple domain names and forward them to the same website.
There are several reasons for this, the most obvious one being that it is suitable for your brand reputation. Nothing looks less professional than a brand that hosts your website at Websites that buy and maintain a domain tend to be the most reputable and most well-established. By registering a domain name, you can use it in your professional email addresses, figure out which server the site gets to, and even sell or move proprietorship if that is the thing that you need to do.
The unique name with which a web page or a website is identified, on the Internet, is known as a domain. For Example,, where ".com" is the TLD. (Company is based on web hosting)
An own domain is associated with a host and is linked to an IP address that is usually a combination of numbers. It is difficult to remember the IP address for users, so we give them the easy domain name.
When you register a domain, you have its rights reserved, although you can sell it or transfer the property to someone else. However, the good news is that if you want to get a new domain and use it instead of the old one, no problem. Furthermore, Golaunche is offering more than 400 TLDs to our customer to get the best domain extensions.
The minimum time for which you can buy a domain name forever by the domain hosting provider is one year, but you can also extend its registration up to three years if you want to have it for a longer time.
Yes, it is essential to verify your Email address by clicking on the link sent to you on the email address you have provided for the domain name registration. If you do not confirm your domain name, it will automatically get suspended, leading to deactivation.

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