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Do I need a web hosting dedicated IP address?

What are the uses of the web hosting dedicated IP?

What is web hosting dedicated IP? What does hosting services do exactly? And why is it essential to have a dedicated IP in web hosting? What is the relationship between web hosting and a Dedicated IP? Why is it a must to have dedicated IP web hosting? Here at Golaunche, we will tell you all you need to know about different hosting services and dedicated IP.

Before jumping to questions like what is a dedicated IP in the hosting? Your first question should be, “what is web server hosting? VPS hosting? Or shared hosting”? When a company purchases WordPress hosting VPS hosting or any other hosting, they simply rent or lease space to the customers on their provided web dedicated server. Thus, allowing them to store their website files and ensuring their presence to anyone searching for their shared or dedicated server on the world-wide internet.

The user running their website on the dedicated server can access their hosting service by typing their domain name, which is their web address, in their browser; this connects the computer to the dedicated server to the dedicated server of their hosting website.

You can choose from the shared IP address to the dedicated one. This choice is unneeded if you are using a web hosting dedicated IP address. These services also rent their technologies and services for their customers or users whom they are hosting.

Usage of Web Hosting Dedicated IP:

Dedicated IP can be used in almost all kind of hosting types including:

  •         Shared Hosting
  •         Reseller Hosting
  •         Dedicated Hosting
  •         Cloud Hosting
  •         Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  •         Managed WordPress Hosting

For installing the internet protocol of security SSL certificate, dedicated addresses are recommended due to their high stability with the inter browsers.

With the shared IP address, the user has to share his IP address to other customers. While, in Reseller server hosting, the user can sell their hosting plans. In VPS Hosting, the user can have their resources, but the server is the same, but they have organized it in a way that each user has their own exclusive identity. However, the dedicated addresses could be set to utilize as the shared IP address.

Now in Dedicated Hosting, which can also be called Dedicated IP web hosting, the user has their server and specific IP address. Some services can provide more than one IP address. However, dedicated hosting is used to eliminate the concept of shared IP addresses and resources. You can easily install the SSL certificate on it to protect multiple websites with a single layer of the SSL certificate protocols.

Now, Cloud Hosting, Shared and Managed WordPress hosting services are similar to some of their specific features, providing services primarily dedicated to Cloud and WordPress services.

Now in all these services, there are two prominent services or categories of services available that all of these above types fall into. They are shared with the shared IP address, and dedicated offering dedicated IP addresses. The services that provide an IP address to more than one user is called Shared Hosting, and where each user is equipped with a separate IP address is called Dedicated Hosting.

Even between the Shared and Managed WordPress hosting, the key difference is the provision of either unique or shared IP addresses.

Obviously, with options of privacy, security, SSL certificate integration, and control over their own identity and reputation, web hosting with unique IP will always be a better option. Keep in mind SSL certificates are not bound to particular IPs.

Now exclusively, the web hosting dedicated hosting IP only is the option that every website builder and developer should be looking for. The reason is apparent in the above ones.

Do I need a dedicated IP address for my website?

With dedicated IP addresses, you can host your SSL certificate. You will have maximum security. If you have an ecommerce website then yes you need it. If you are doing email marketing then again it’s a yes as it will prevent your emails from going to the junk box, especially, sent from hosting WordPress websites or the promotional email.

Do I need a dedicated IP address for SSL certificate?

No, you don’t necessarily need the dedicated IP address for SSL certificate, but it is always recommended to have one. The reason it is not recommended in the shared IP address as dedicated IP addresses are highly compatible with web browsers.

How do I get a dedicated IP?

You need to contact your hosting provider. Simply sign in to your control panel and look for the hosting web and server services. From here, select your dedicated IP addresses. Next, select the length and move towards the checkout process. At GoLacunhe, we are providing dedicated IP addresses from $4 to $5.

Terminologies in Web Hosting Dedicated IP:

In every field-specific terms and descriptions, run the show. The same goes for hosting services:

Data Centre:

Hosting companies keep their web servers in one place. This place is called “Data Center.”

Every giant company that provides a specific online service keeps allocated rooms in their buildings. They maintain several to hundreds of computer systems or servers, also called a data center.

Domain Name:

It is an address to your website. Every website has an IP that looks like a string of random numbers. So when you purchase and register your domain name, it’s just like saving your home address as home on your phone.

It represents many IP addresses representing a common site in simple, readable words. It gives your IP Address or their group an easy to remember and simple name, which would be simple enough for anyone reaching your website to access it. By eliminating the difficulty of placing a string of randomly specific numbers, you can type in simple words with “.com” or “.net.”

When you type to a website, your computer will request a few servers that make up the DNS, which we will discuss later on. It looks up the IP address and points your laptop in the right direction, all of it within less than a millisecond.


You might have undergone an “I’m not a robot” test while surfing through private and personal websites. They ask you to recognize pictures and randomly written words. That is because computers take hours or even days to recognize images when the test expires and restarts.

Computers don’t go by pictures or names; they go by numbers that are their language, so they use organized numbers, including IP addresses, to represent everything and anything just like we identify with words. Now humans can’t understand numerical or ‘Digital Language,’ and computers need everything to be designated by numbers to translate it to their language.

Domain Naming System or DNS for short “resolves” words and names or practically anything to numbers. It can also resolve domain names to IP addresses and vice versa, so if someone is surfing through web types in a domain name, DNS resolves or translates it to a specific or several IP addresses. Therefore, services with unique IP addresses is crucial if your website needs to optimize for SEO searches since you need an exclusively owned IP address to make your image on this platform.


It is essential to know everything when you are looking for something you don’t see a clue to. It is necessary to take your time and look over every detail, big or small, whether vital or obscure. If you are looking for managed services, dedicated service is always better than a compromised one regardless of the cost difference. Therefore, web hosting dedicated IP will always be the absolute choice. I hope you have found what you are looking for as herein Golaunche we provide information and service only for you.