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What are Advantages of the Dedicated Hosting Ip?

Do I Need the Web Hosting With a Dedicated IP?

What is dedicated IP hosting? What is the unique feature of this specific plan that should grab your interest? And of course, why should you care? Here at Golaunche, we will tell you all that you need to know about  web hosting, and why should this dedicated hosting IP grab your attention “personally.”
The Internet Protocol Address or IP Address for short is the recognition or identity of every user. Your domain names are the nick alphabetic name of this numerals. IPv4 or IPv6 are used to identify every user on the World Wide Internet platform. Usually, the former is used. You install your SSL certificate over it to protect your website sensitive information.


When you went one step in hosting VPS hosting, then the dedicated hosting originates. The things that make it unique from others is the allocation of the physical resources to the users. It is like owning the personal web server within the cheap rates. You are free to install the operating system of your choice, makes proxies of your choice, and installs apps of your choice.

Each user has their own specific dedicated hosting ip for their website, so it is called dedicated IP hosting.

With all of these excellent benefits is the cost due to dedicated resources. You can purchase dedicated hosting IP with server starting from the $75-$200 per month. This investment is worthy of websites with loads of traffic. Mostly big clothing brands, e-commerce websites, and other giants prefer buying dedicated servers.

dedicated hosting IP

Why People purchase dedicated hosting IPs?

The significant reason to purchase a dedicated IP is you don’t get penalized by someone else’s work. Moreover, dedicated server hosting lets you have all the authority and control over it.

With shared IPs, your neighbouring users activities also affect your reputation on the internet. For example, if your neighbour is involved in some kind of phishing or spamming and becomes blacklisted, your website will even be blacklisted. Because at the end of the day you are using the same IP.
Another example is if your neighbour user sends spam emails to others and gets marked as the spammer. Your professional emails will automatically be redirected to the junk box as your IP was the same.

The supreme benefit of using a dedicated plan is having your own identity and space.

Pros and Cons of DEDICATED IP Hosting:

Let’s have a in-depth discussion about pros and cons of it. There are a few pros and cons of using Webhosting dedicated IP.

What is the advantage of having a dedicated IP?

Let’s discuss the pros of dedicated IP addresses first. The most popular and widely known one is that dedicated server provides the user with his own distinct identity.

The user has his dedicated server, hosting account, and dedicated IP addresses. Therefore, his website has a reputation only exclusive to its own domain names and IP addresses.

It is also essential to send or receive data through his website to maintain his privacy policy.

Dedicated IP email hosting as part of the hosting plan helps the user hosting account and his website gain full control and responsibility for their actions.

The second standard pro of dedicated IP addresses service is that some specific kinds of connections cannot work on other hosting VPS hosting plans. This is mostly the only hosting account service that would state their unique needs.

Last but not least, you can host your own SSL certificate. Since the user has their system to work on, the SSL certificate configuration becomes much more straightforward.

Dedicated IP Addresses Cons

But as we know, nothing is perfect, and now it’s time to discuss this service’s cons.

The most obvious one is the increased price; with freedom and better provision comes a cost. Providing an entire server to one specific customer is a considerable sacrifice, and this service has to charge people for it. This service costs up to multiples of that of the cost of any shared hosting plan.

The second one is a risk that the user has to supervise, and that is the unwanted and unaccounted increases in volume, which, if not managed well, could damage the reputation of your IP Address if the problem slips. Therefore if you have high traffic, then you have to work it. User has to configure everything like SSL certificate by himself.

Dedicated IP addresses hosting is now gaining versatility and is widely used in various platforms like email marketing and gaming sites in other names or even in other hosting schemes.

WordPress dedicated hosting IP Hosting:

This WordPress Hosting service is similar to cloud hosting but is built explicitly for Word Press for WordPress software’s content management software.

The diversity of the price often provides two hosting plans, namely “WordPress Shared hosting” and “WordPress Managed Hosting”. The only difference is that the shared hosting plans of WordPress schemes, like every shared hosting site, provides one IP Address to many users. In managed WordPress hosting, every user has their server with his ID that is his WordPress Hosting Dedicated IP. Other things are similar like you have to install the SSL certificate, plugins, and optimize it.


Minecraft or “Cave Game” is a popular online video game invented by Markus Persson, also called Notch. This game, characterized by its unique graphics, has recently gained popularity first due to its features. The most prominent of which included the user in starting his own from scratch and afterwards through a few famous “Youtubers” most notably “Pewdiepie” and a few others like “Dream” who made either storytime videos series or have “Collabed” with other fellow Youtuber friends.

Minecraft server provides the player their server and their custom IP, which they can find through various hacks and share with their friends. This exclusive IP address is also dedicated to only one respective player. Minecraft server hosting dedicated IP provides each player address is a unique ID as millions of online players use their Id while playing this game.

Do I need a dedicated IP?

If you have loads of traffic, then yes. It helps you to host your own SSL certificate. If you are a gamer then again it’s a yes as you can generate your unique identity from your hosting account. Moreover, it improves your website speed.

How do I get a dedicated IP address?

Order your dedicated IP address with GoLaunchE by following these simple steps:
1. Sign in to your cPanel hosting account.
2. Navigate to services menu, and simply click on the “Add more Services” option.
3. From the side menu, tap on the “Customer Support” option.
4. Click on the ‘Order Now’ button right under the dedicated IP address.
5. Click on the confirmation button and choose your billing method.
6. In the next step, type the exact domain name for which you require the dedicated IP address.
7. Now, tap on the ‘continue’ button.
8. Review it before proceeding to the ‘Checkout’ procedure.
9. Check the terms and services box at the left corner
10. Congratulations! Your order has been successfully placed.

Is Dedicated IP faster?

Yes, your response time and loading speed will be improved. Also, it comes with many other perks like accessing your server directly without providing or altering DNS setting. You will not have any connection issue.


To choose the best possible option for a dedicated IP address hosting plan, you need to prioritize hosts that would be both feature-rich and of high performance. As you have seen, the use of dedicated hosting IP in various forms is becoming common. Including hosting SSL certificate, improved speed, 99.9% uptime, etc.  Here at Golaunche, we will provide you all the indications of all the usages of this service, we will guide you on the criteria and parameters to use this site, and we will provide you with a clear guide to a choice which you won’t regret. Moreover, currently, we are proving a free SSL certificate to our customers.