Incoming Email Filtering

Protect your network

Eliminate Spam & Viruses from email before they ever reach your network

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Outgoing Email Filtering

Safeguard your reputation

Prevent Spam & Viruses from ever unknowingly leaving your network

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Email Archiving

Backup and Compliance

Never lose an email again and ensure email data integrity for legal compliance

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Meet the smart anti-spam filter that does everything for you. Keep your inbox free from spam, viruses, malware, and phishing.

Incoming email filtering advantages:

Input and output protection
Protection for up to 1000 emails
Detailed logs and quarantine
Phishing Protection
Total protection at competitive prices
Easy setup
Various reporting options
Increases employee productivity

Why do you need SpamExperts Incoming filters?

Spams and threats tried to generate backdoors to steal your valuable data via emails. Filtering the sending and receiving of emails is fundamental for the good reputation of companies. Besides, ensuring that your email is always free of spam, viruses, and malware, saves time, money. Moreover, activate the service with just one click.

How does the smart anti-spam filter work?

The information used to filter Spam Experts is the result of the daily processing of millions of emails that travel the world. With constant updates, new malicious email patterns are identified and instantly blocked. Data is shared in real-time with all customers. Further, it also allows users to interact and send feedback.

Personalized and easy to understand reports.

No more wasting time analyzing email accounts. Spam Experts filtering includes clear and objective reports on all of your email activity. Besides you can access reports that indicate users and accounts with special attention.

Outgoing email filtering advantages:

No more blacklists
Steer Clear delisting cost
E-mails delivered correctly
Improve Reputation for Email Delivery
Controlled Output
Advance abuse management

Why do you need outgoing email filtering?

Protect your brand and don't risk your reputation: Ensure the delivery of your emails, the security of your data, and the continuity of your communication!

How does the sensitivity adjustment work?

The Spam Experts anti-spam filter is already configured with an optimized value, however, if you are interested, you can increase or decrease the sensitivity of the filter according to your preferences.

Email Archiving advantages:

Incoming-Outgoing Filters
Recover from anywhere
Better Performance
Legal Achieve Compliance
Simple redelivery, general support, and email continuity modules
Easy to use and user-friendly interface
Never miss or lose any email anymore

Do you want to test the best anti-spam filter on the market?

Click the button below to order and say goodbye to spams and malware. Spam Experts use intelligent filters capable of detecting and eliminating inconvenient emails before they reach your inbox.

How to report a spam error with Spam Experts?

It is not common, but if the filter misses some spam, you can report spam via email or using a web form. In this way, you will contribute to the improvement of the filter and avoid new similar spam.

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We protect your inbox from annoying SPAM. No more annoying junk messages. Like every corporate email, we include a SPAM folder.

Thanks to the virtual hard disk (like drive); you can share files of up to 100 megabytes in just minutes, making it easy to send heavy attachments.
You can not only send and receive emails. You can also organize chats or start group video calls. A whole communication suite.
Keep your contacts organized clearly and independently with the contact list. Add photos, comments and features to always remember them.
GolaunchE Mail available on every smart device including Android/IOS which puts us at the application level such as Gmail/Outlook

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