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What Is Shared Hosting? A Detailed Guide For The Beginners

What Is Shared Hosting? A Detailed Guide For The Beginners

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What is Shared Hosting? Benefits and Features Overview for Beginners

What is shared hosting? To answer it I will simply quote an example. You need a space to live-in but the room cost is out of your budget or extremely expensive. So you rent out a room with more than 10 people so everyone can share resources efficiently and divide all of the expenses between each member. Simply host your website on a single server that is already hosting multiple websites.This type of hosting service is common nowadays since a server can provide the hosting service (through configurations and programs that are installed on the server) to several clients at the same time.

Shared Hosting 6

Servers with these programs (depending on the configuration and the providing company) make each client share each resource on that equipment so that each client experiences a good quality of service. Companies like GoLaunchE will offer you different ways to manage your hosting, some will give you access to a personalized administrator, that is, they will give you access to a system created by themselves to manage all the elements and resources of shared hosting such as:

  • File management
  • Domain management
  • Email management
  • SSL certificates
  • And much more

As a developer, I can tell you that I do not like these management systems since they are very limited in my opinion.
It is like I am missing many more options.
Yet some companies give you access to hosting administrators who have many more options but are less easy to manage. That is why it is recommended to search thoroughly.

what is shared website hosting before buying your package. In short, they let you do what I have put you above but in a less comfortable way. You need to know the system and its functionalities, you also need to have technical knowledge for certain configurations.
The most popular management systems are:
·         Plesk
·         Cpanel
·         Webmin
·         ISPConfig
The first two are the most popular and you will surely find one of them in most hosting companies.

What is Shared Hosting Advantages?

· The price is very affordable, if you want something low cost, this is your option.
· It does not require maintenance by the client. Installation on your website and the updates will be taken care of by the company you hired.
· Depending on which shared hosting product you have chosen, you can install several programs that you need to make your website work as PHP MySQL.
· You do not require advanced technical knowledge

What is Shared Hosting Disadvantages?

Safety: The main drawback from my point of view, because there are methods to infect neighboring websites within the same hosting. As, if any neighboring website is spamming all other websites with the same IP will also get blacklisted. There are different ways to prevent this from happening but you need technical knowledge.
Performance: If your website experiences traffic increases that exceed your server quota, your website may go down.
Scalability: It has to do with the above, it means that when you migrate to a higher-level server you will have problems. Not all providers have systems in place to facilitate this process.
Limited programs and services: If your website needs a certain system or application and your hosting does not have it, your website will not be able to work.
Customer service: Many companies lack this service or it is very slow and you will almost always need an intermediary between your website and your hosting.

What is shared hosting vs dedicated hosting

Dedicated Hosting

To understand what is shared web hosting we need to talk about dedicated hosting as well. Basically, it’s a server or physical machine just for you and your website (or websites). It means that all resources such as hard drive, processor, RAM, Network Bandwidth, and more are for your use only.
Unlike shared servers, dedicated servers need customer administration, configuration, and maintenance.
To clarify this matter a bit more, shared hosting is actually a dedicated hosting that a hosting company divides (through a server administration system) for an indeterminate number of clients.
So suppose you have a dedicated server only for one website, this website will take full advantage of all the features of that server, therefore it covers more processes, more visits with higher performance. You can also use it to install multiple websites on it as shared hosting.

What hosting should I choose?

Much depends on what you want to mount. What I tell my clients is that they look to the future and see what their project will be like in a year and where they want to go.
Research properly what is a shared hosting plan that is meeting their website requirements. It is essential to mark your objectives well from the beginning of the project.

When Choose Shared Hosting:

Low visits: When I want to test things, my campaign will be only local and will not require a lot of server power to support large numbers of visits
I don’t need to implement new programs in my hosting: If your project only needs the services that the selected hosting plan gives you.
Low budget: I do not have enough funds to pay a professional to take me all the shared or dedicated servers.

When choose the dedicated hosting:

High technical knowledge:  I have technical knowledge or budget to pay a professional to configure everything and do regular maintenance.
High budget: Having complete servers at your service they have a higher cost. Although it should be noted that there are companies that have good prices.
High performance required: I have a website with a high number of visits, it also requires a speed of processing, database queries, and access to files on the hard disk.
Specific services: My website will need my server to have specific programs executed (which is almost unthinkable in shared hosting).

Who is shared hosting useful for?

Having a shared hosting is not entirely bad, the economic factor is very attractive for new digital entrepreneurs to create a blog, projects, etc. Even some more experienced use for new projects.
It should be said that there are many highly respected companies like GoLaunchE with extensive experience in the sector and truly accomplishing the meaning of what is shared hosting to their clients. Likewise, offering plans and providing responsible & professional solutions.
Therefore, if you are starting or doing project tests, shared hosting would be the cheapest and fastest solution. On the other hand, if your project grows or passes the validations, you can already think about hosting it on quality cloud or dedicated hosting.