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[Guide] Unlimited Website Hosting: Myths Vs. Truths Unveiled

[Guide] Unlimited Website Hosting: Myths Vs. Truths Unveiled

Unlimited Website Hosting | Best Unlimited Website Hosting Plans

Currently, all companies need to have an online presence or maintain their own businesses on the internet. This need causes many doubts when choosing between the various

unlimited website hosting services.

Many technical issues must be evaluated to ensure the proper functioning of the website, such as the resources offered by the plan, the type of server, among other important points.

Because it is a service that has evolved a lot over the years, there are many myths and truths about it.

At GoLaunchE we will reveal all the myths and truths about unlimited website hosting plans. The following are the main questions and answers regarding what does it mean to have unlimited website with hosting.

1. Can traffic and bandwidth be unlimited?

It is true. However, website hosting with unlimited traffic and bandwidth is only possible to corporate and dedicated environments.

There must be some limitation. Although it is possible to establish unlimited traffic, when carrying out an additional or excess charge concerning traffic, the system performs a limitation in the band.

That is, there is a limited traffic width and, in that width, there will be free flow.

Bandwidth is an expensive input within the set of needs that are met by a cloud infrastructure.

When reading unlimited traffic, you can be sure that you will have a limitation on your link. Otherwise, the entire data center would be congested by a single user, which makes no sense and is mathematically impossible.

So, on one side or the other, there will be a limitation. While it is true and there are plans with unlimited traffic, other verticals will be limited.

2. Isn’t hosting free websites a good option?

It depends on the goal. For example, for a company that wants to invest in advertising and generate attractiveness for its website, to present a product or make a sale, this is certainly not true.

The generators of free websites aim to constitute presence, that is, to have an address on the internet with a means of contact so that people can see about your company, but without expectation of ROI.

To have some kind of return on the site or the investment, it is necessary to have professional and dedicated hosting.

If the concern is to have an audience and feedback on the content of the site, unlimited hosting website is certainly not a good alternative.

This is because there is a saving in hosting, but the performance is not satisfactory, which can cause the loss of your audience on the website.

3. Unlimited website hosting: Is disk space limited?

Truth. Some plans support this type of unlimited space modality; however, when observing the rules imposed by the provider, you will see that there is a usage policy (PDU).

Within this policy, there are some restrictions on file types that can be stored in the environment.

For example, it has a clause that prohibits the storage of video or backup files.

Virtually all file models with high volume will be framed in a PDU that does not allow this type of storage.

Therefore, whoever contracts the service has unlimited space, but with a small line saying that the space is unlimited as long as it is for website files – that is, images, which are mostly small files.

The imposition is that you can have unlimited space, as long as it does not transform the hosting space into a virtual disk.

On virtual disks are stored backup, videos, family photos, among others. These are several other issues that are not inherent in unlimited free website hosting.

4. Who pays more has a better service?

Most of the time, yes. It is necessary to analyse what will be hired.

We can separate hosting between two main points: shared hosting and dedicated hosting – what we call cloud hosting.

It is an exclusive and dedicated environment for your website, while in shared hosting the website is on a server with thousands of others that share resources.

Usually, shared hosting is much more affordable than dedicated hosting.

The important thing is to be sure, when making a contract, that it has a higher cost, however, it is dedicated hosting.

In this way, there will be much more quality in line with greater investment

5. Is cloud hosting less secure than conventional hosting?

Myth. When a website is hosted in the cloud, it means that there is a cloud exclusively for it.

This means leaving the shared environment, which is susceptible to failure, including for reasons of inappropriate behaviour.

There is a website that impairs the server’s performance with programming errors, thus, affects all sites that share the environment.

With cloud hosting, the company has the server exclusively for its website and its environment, formatted with the best options to serve or expand its website.

The cloud hosting environment is the one that offers the best result, making it worth the investment.

This is an exclusive environment in comparison to that offered in traditional and shared hosting, retail and low investment.

6. Is there a difference between shared hosting servers?

There is not a big difference because all shared hosting environments are focused on extracting the best profitability and not necessarily guaranteeing the best performance.

They aim to serve a generic audience that has a simpler demand and an internet presence that does not expect high availability.

7. Is it important to evaluate the choice of unlimited website hosting?

This is fundamental. The first question that is asked when placing something in the cloud is what is the expectation regarding the site.

For example, a restaurant that wants a website just to demonstrate its menu and address does not need uptime, only presence.

Unless the site provides coupons, which generate monstrous and simultaneous visits.

In the case of a website that campaigns on Google, for example, that spends a lot to generate visitation on the website, one must invest in infrastructure to accommodate this amount of visitors.

An example is a large retailer that runs out an inventory. Every year they advertise products at low cost and the high volume of demand causes the site to drop.

It is exactly this thought: there is no point in generating great visibility for the website if it does not have the necessary infrastructure to support the number of accesses.

A good example is Black Friday. There is no point in lowering prices on Black Friday to make sales, but not having the infrastructure to accommodate that amount of visitors.

When the site goes down, in addition to not selling, a potential customer is lost due to this negative experience.

It is this type of feeling that determines what is the appropriate level of investment for a website or application.

Wrapping Up:

As we have seen, there are many questions about unlimited website hosting. The important thing is to understand what the objective proposed by the site is, to choose a service that meets the needs of the business.

Now that you know how important it is to define the ideal hosting model, contact GOLAUNCHE, and speak with one of our consultants to set up the ideal solution and exponentiation your company’s results!