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[Solution] The certificate or associated chain is not valid

[Solution] The certificate or associated chain is not valid

the Certificate or associated string is invalid' error

Fix Mac Remote Connection-the certificate or associated chain is not valid

Many users complain that they are unable to connect from a different PC  by using Remote Desktop Connection, whereas their systems are portable and continent to use. People submit reports where they get the following notification message “the certificate or associated chain is not valid”.

With the maximum ratio, this problem usually occurs when the users try to connect as a guest from Mac with an error message “mac RDP to windows the certificate or associated chain is not valid”.

Basically, the remote desktop connection is a Microsoft technology that allows an  pc to be remotely connected over the internet to another system. This technology was introduced on Windows XP.

For many scenarios, GoLaunche has managed by identifying the closest solution to this problem. Furthermore, it only occurs when any Mac OS system tries to connect to the Windows 10 system.

What is causing the ‘Certificate or associated string is invalid’ error?

We got into this problem by investigating different user reports and all the strategies to overcome this issue. By reviewing the problem and their solution we ended up with multiple possible ways that are followed as:

Guest system configuration is not always connected for authentication:

To this particular message, “the Certificate or associated string is invalid’ error” this is the most common issue in guest system configuration problems. With RDC, security is the ultimate factor, and if anyhow any features of security are neglected the system fails to respond during the authentication step. In any such case, you can contact GoLaucnhe to modify your security preferences.

Version is outdated:

Sometimes users submit this error report results in outdated Microsoft versions. That means their system needs to be updated and the user ignores the update notification results in this error. Furthermore, updating the version from Mac app Stores will also resolve such problems.

Restrictions from host system:

There is one more reason that leads you to the message “the Certificate or associated string is invalid’ error” and the reason is the system where you want to be connected over the internet is not allowing you the access to be connected. This kind of authorization can lead you to this problem too. In such cases, you will always need authorization from the host computer first.

If you want any trouble solving this, you can follow the strategies researched by our experts .

How to activate remote desktop on Mac

If we are recent users of OS X and have just acquired our Mac, we may wonder about some features present in Windows but that is not entirely clear in the apple operating system. One of these features is the remote desktop. The problem is that, while to activate the remote desktop in Windows native options, with Mac we must download the official Apple application that costs $62.99. Moreover, it is the most authentic . Of course, there are also free ways to do it. We will review the official option first, and then we will see what is available so that our pocket does not suffer.

Apple Remote Desktop 3

This is the most updated version of the Mac software that allows us to access our computer remotely. It is also the most complete option on the market, although it is also the most expensive – a reality that Apple users experience with applications every day.

With ARD we can manage all the computers we have on the same network, in addition to being able to automate certain tasks. With this remote desktop, we can access Spotlight, Automator, a Dashboard widget, and more. Other cool features include remote Drag and Drop, creating smart device lists, and building task templates.

One of the main and most useful features is the ability to update across a network of Mac computers using remote desktop and a single computer. The functionality is called Install-Package and allows us to install an application in “package” throughout the network, instead of having to do it individually (and waste a lot of time).

Free alternatives

Mac systems in a way to be remotely connected to other systems show certain error messages like remote desktop mac the certificate or associated chain is not valid. Now, what happens when we do not want or cannot pay the almost $63 that Apple asks us to use ARD? Well, we can choose a free or cheaper solution, which is also available in the market.

A very simple way requires that we go inside the system and make some changes. But, again, it’s free, and if we really don’t want to put in some effort, better drop the wallet. To carry it out, we must follow these steps:

  • Open System Preferences
  • Select the Sharing or Sharing option
  • Select Remote Management (in this case we will have to unlock the equipment using our password)
  • From this panel, we can allow only certain users to access our computer, or that all connected users can do so. Of course, we must be very sure to share before selecting this last option, because we cannot know who will have access.
  • Then, after pressing Options, we can select what things the person or computer that has remote access can do.
  • Select Computer Settings to select which VNC users can access screen usage with a certain password.

We will stop here because we need to download a VNC client. VNC is the acronym for Virtual Network Computing, a system for graphically sharing desktops. We have several options. One of them is Chicken of the VNC, which with this unattractive name is a free server . We can also choose TeamViewer, which has been reviewed very well on Apple Weblog, or LogMeIn.

With each of the above applications,you can link your system remotely with another computer,by entering your pc name and password.

As we can see, although the Mac option is more expensive it also offers us other possibilities. But with the free option, we can do the most basic tasks. If we simply want to share desks and nothing else, we can do it this way.


This warning “the Certificate or associated string is invalid’ error” is because a trusted RDP Signing Certificate was not considered to protect or that the customer’s computer did not trust the certificate chain. To remove this warning, replace the default RDP Signing certificate with a trusted certificate from GoLaucnhe. In this  solution you  will use OpenSSL to create a minimum CA and an advanced CA to resolve the certificate issues.