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Instant Domain Search to Find Your Perfect Domain Name-GoLaunchE

Instant Domain Search to Find Your Perfect Domain Name-GoLaunchE

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Learn How to Perform Instant Domain Search for Your Website

Having an ideal domain name has become, in recent years, a very precious asset to protect your brand in the digital environment. The domain name is your perfect web address to get in contact with your customers and generate more leads. The website will always be installed in the same domain, and emails are recommended to be in the same domain, but that does not mean that we cannot have more than one domain registered to protect the brand. For example, you need some other subdomains like Blog.yourdomainname, forum.yourdomainname, or portal.yourdomainname to manage your website data. Similarly, geographical base TLDs also play a significant role. To have an ideal and instant domain search for your brand is a toilsome task, but today at GoLaunchE we will guide you about domains and TLDs so that you can instantly find your perfect domain name.

Instant Domain Search: What are the most important domains that a company must have?

  When we speak of the domain we are referring to an identification network associated with a group of devices or equipment connected to the Internet network. The primary purpose of domain names and the domain name system (DNS) is to translate the IP addresses of each active node on the network, easy to find and remember. That is, the domain would be the unique and exclusive name assigned to the web page on the Internet.

   This makes it possible for any (network) service to move from one geographic location to another on the network, even if the change implies that it will have a different IP address. Without the help of the domain name system, users would have to access each web service using the node’s IP address.

What kind of domains is Global?

The so-called global domains are .com, .net and .org

If our company works internationally, they are the most advisable domains because with the same domain we will be able to operate throughout the world. When doing your instant domain name search always go for .com first. In the case of an organization, .org would be best.

What if we only work in one country? It is also advisable to register it, although we will detail more lately.


The territorial domains are .pk (Pakistan), .uk (United Kingdom), .ca (Canada), .us (USA), etc.

These domains are specific to each country. It is the perfect domain if your focus is on one country. These are easier to position locally since the extension itself tells us the geographical area.

Some countries ask for minimum requirements to register the domain. These domain search instant requirements are usually to demonstrate that the company has its registered office or that it operates in that country.

New global

.co, .cc or .io are territorial domains that, due to their similarity to the “original” global domains, have been reserved to work internationally.

For example, .cc domains remind us of “Creative Commons” licenses –a perfect domain if we work under this license. Or .co that due to its similarity to .com many companies have been adopting it, especially since 2009 when many start-ups reserved their .co domain. In the past year, .io domains are all the rage.

Instant Domain Search: New TLDs

They are .online, .marketing, .xyz, .club, etc.

These domains have a double function: on the one hand, we can integrate our name into them (Launcher.florida) and on the other hand they are an escape route in case our name is registered. For example, in our case, we could register GoLaunche.online.

These are some of the requirements that you must take into account when choosing your domain:

  •         The shorter the name and the better catchy, the easier it will be to memorize.
  •         Using keywords, of relevance in the domain name, will allow you a better search engine positioning.
  •         Choose a name related to your activity, without hyphens, without unclear spelling words, and without numbers.
  •         Avoid the letter “ñ” if you want clients from other countries to visit you.
  •         Opt for .com to position it well throughout the world, or that of your country.
  •         Do not change the domain every two or three times. It can affect the brand image that you have already achieved.
  •         Try not to use capital letters, acronyms, and abbreviations or accumulate consonants or double letters, as they make reading difficult.
  •         If you register it for a long period you will avoid inconvenience and the search engines will understand that it is a stable project.

How to create something like instant domain search

 It is advisable to use global or territorial domains. In our case, we bet on a territorial domain Golaunche.us, although we also have one registered globally: GoLaunche.net that is redirected to the main domain.

In other words, it is advisable to protect our brand well on the internet. For this, we must resort to registering several domains on the Internet. Although later we will only use one.

This choice will be especially relevant when it comes to e-commerce since the domain can serve customers to find out if that electronic store is in their country or is aimed at that market.

  The most used domains are .com, .net, .org, .co, .info, .ca among domain search instant results.

Do you need help in your instant domain search or making your website live? Contact GoLaunchE, we will be happy to help you. Here you get the best prices and ease of choosing the domain you are looking for.

What is instant domain search?

Instant Domain Search is when you type your brand or any desired name in the domain search box of a website and it generates domain names with various TLDs options, their availability, and prices. You can easily buy your perfect domain by clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Get Now’ button.