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Learn About How to Install WordPress on Subdomain with GoLaucnhE

Learn About How to Install WordPress on Subdomain with GoLaucnhE

install WordPress on a subdomain

Step by Step Guide of How to Install WordPress on Subdomain

Running a second or even a third version of WordPress for your website may look a toilsome task. But sometimes things looking so complicated are a piece of cake, even without any tech knowledge. That is the point where subdomains enter. For example, to create a separate blog, a forum, or a directory. The use of subdomains can be very interesting depending on the website niche.
In this article, we are going to discuss how to install WordPress on a subdomain in a step-by-step guide. First of all, we are going to clarify the terms a bit so you don’t get confused. 

  •         Domain: golaunche.com
  •         Subdomain: site.your site.com
  •         Directory: www.your site.com/directory

For example, if your site is going to be in several languages, you may be interested in working with subdomains so that something like this will remain: blog.golaunche.com
You can also use subdomains if your website has several very different but related sections:

  •         shop.your site.com
  •         blog.golaunche.com
  •         forum.your site.com

In other words, we can say a subdomain is the second partner of your website to divide the work. It has all the privileges like the primary domain.

How to install WordPress on a subdomain?

The important thing to keep in mind is each subdomain has the possibility to install a different WordPress or any other CMS you are using. Moreover, keep in mind that Google handles subdomains as individual sites. Which could also have an impact on your Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Let’s begin our guide of how to install WordPress on a subdomain

Creating a subdomain

We will assume that you already have a domain and your access to the Cpanel (cPanel install database from WordPress on subdomain) since without a domain we will not be able to create a subdomain.
In case, you don’t know, to create the subdomain we must access the Cpanel where we have the domain hosted and access the Domains section.

Domain section in Cpanel

Now, click on Subdomains and fill in the fields that you want before clicking on the create option.

Subdomains in Cpanel

Once our subdomain has been created, a message will appear confirming it, we will have created a directory called/public_HTML/test where the test would be the name of our subdomain.
If we access FTP we would find that directory and we could upload our version of WordPress or any other CMS that we want to install.

Can I install WordPress on a subdomain?

Yes, Install WordPress in Subdomain with Softaculous just like any add-on domain. Softaculous supports any CMS or WordPress with just one-click installation.

Softaculous auto-installer

At GoLaunchE we have the option of installing WordPress more simply thanks to Softaculous and its fantastic ability to Autoinstall Applications and Scripts.
To install WordPress in a subdomain using Softaculous we must enter our Cpanel and search for Softaculous Apps Installer.
Then we just have to locate the WordPress script and click on the icon.

How to install WordPress on a subdomain: Click on WordPress icon

When the welcome screen opens, we will see that it indicates the version of WordPress that we are about to install, the available disk space, and the space that is needed to install the Script.
When we have everything clear we must give the Install button. Where we will have to configure several things to install WordPress on a subdomain.

  •         Softaculous installation screen
  •         Installation Form
  •         Softaculous installation form

In the Installation Form we have 3 options:

Select Protocol:

We can choose if ours will be:

  •         HTTP://
  •         http://www.
  •         https://
  •         https://www.


Here we must choose the subdomain that we have created in the previous step.


The directory should not have been created before. Being a subdomain, it is normal that you want to leave it blank so that it can be installed at http://subdomain.golaunche.com, but it is your decision.

Database Configuration: Softaculous database

In the Database Configuration, it is marked by default as WP. You can change it for security reasons but it is not necessary.

Softaculous site settings

In the Site Configuration section, we can add the name of the site as well as a small description that identifies it. For example, “Wireless Headphones Blog”

Softaculous administrator account

In the Administrator Account, we will create the username and password. Then we can create more users but this username and password are very important. Do not lose them as well as the administrator’s email that will be necessary at various times.

To create a secure password for separate WordPress install on subdomain we have the key, we just have to click on it to generate secure passwords randomly. We can also put the one that we want but it is very important that you do not forget it. 

Tip: Keep the username and password at a secure place!

Now we only have to choose the language and the Theme. You can choose the one you want since, once installed, it is very easy to change the theme in WordPress.

Finally, we only have to add an email where we want the access data to be sent to us, this is optional, and click Install so that Softaculous is in charge of installing WordPress in our domain

Install WordPress in one click with Softaculous

WordPress is the most used CMS (Content Management System), so at GoLaunchE we treat it particularly by designing a specialized WordPress hosting with step by step guide to how to install WordPress on a subdomain together with specialized WordPress technical support to help you with everything you need. In case, we missed anything or if you have any query feel free to ask in the comment section.